There are five ways in which an organization can reduce the cost of operation of the area and at the same time can delight the customers.

1. Go Mobile:

According to the recently released mobile analytics report by Citrix, the total number of enterprise mobile devices worldwide increased by 72% last year. Without mobility, service organizations can not overcome some important challenges like real-time information loss, productivity reduction, profitability and overall customer satisfaction. Customers, service managers, and field technicians can effectively use a single mobile platform to enhance a case, manage work orders and invoices, and get real-time visibility of field support processes. By developing a customized app, the workforce can be streamlined and productivity can be increased even further. Internet connection is mandatory to get real-time visibility through mobile.

2. Reduce fuel cost:

The price of fuel is increasing every year globally. Whenever an area technician decides a long distance, the organizations have to bear the cost of fuel, which reduces profitability. With map integration, technicians can prioritize tasks based on distance, which helps to reduce the cost of fuel. In one day, the field technicians have to visit many places on the basis of work assigned by service managers. Map integration not only helps field technicians track places, but also helps customer and service managers track special technicians on the field. Map Intelligence makes a huge difference in travel optimization and also cost reduction.

3. Knowledgebase integration:

It is quite possible that technicians of the area are not always aware of any specific issues raised by a customer. Customer satisfaction is generally low with any unresolved issue. Organizations should integrate a knowledge base with the current app to see the same issues and see how to solve them. This knowledge base can be enriched every time when technicians face an important and unique issue and share their experiences in the portal. In parallel, customers may also have access to the knowledge base, which helps the customer solve the less important issues by itself. This ultimately leads to a decrease in service requests and overall cost.

4. Parts management:

Effective parts management also plays an important role, while it comes to cost reduction and productivity improvement. Most of the spare parts used in the field for area service are quite expensive. A part management application integrated with the current app can help organizations to list relevant parts related to particular products. It can also help in obtaining the list of available parts of the warehouse, enables the field technician with the right tools and necessary skills. A knowledgeable and efficient service technician makes all the difference when the customer is happy and the service department ensures the high first time with fixed rate.

5. Timely notifications and notifications:

Alerts and notifications should be in the service manager console of that particular application that the organization is currently using. When it comes to cost reduction and overall customer satisfaction, it can play a major role. A manager should be given information about cases that have not been resolved or an SLA is not found. When a new task is assigned or the job priority is changed, it should also inform technicians. It helps to save a substantial amount of time and increase the overall service potential.


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